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1 vs 1 Kills

Clan Kill: Players: Comments:
4Ever SpYderZ None.
4Ever SpYderZ None.
AgeII Arms None.
Age King Arms None.
Asian 2001 Legion War.
Asian Arms Persian War.
_Chaotic 2001 Rookie.
Cruel HawK None.
Fallen SpYderZ Stone DM.
Fallen SpYderZ Stone DM.
FE SpYderZ Trash Talker, Silenced.
FroM_The 2001 Rookie.
Goofy 2001 Legion War.
_JaGuAr 2001 Too easy.
KILu SpYderZ None.
KM Arms Zzz.
Kozen 2001 None.
LSA 2001 Rookie.
LZ SpYderZ Choson War.
MaSTeR_Of SpYderZ Master? LOL.
MCMF SpYderZ Hoya, Hoya!
_Me Demon None.
MnM 2001 Dead Red
MnM 2001 and again...
NQC Arms No I don't want to join.
Ns Arms No I don't want to join.
outlaw SpYderZ None.
ster HawK None.
Thorgal Arms None.
Viet SpYderZ Dumbo City
Wyvern SpYderZ None.